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'Dateline' Special Revisits Case of Sect Leader Found Mummified in April

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The Real Reason Amy Carlson Left Blue Bloods After Season 7

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Crestone Cult Love Has Won Leaves Man to Die in Desert

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Who Was ‘Mother God?’ The Family Of Amy Carlson Speaks Out

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Why Amy Carlson Had To Leave Blue Bloods

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Inside the Bizarre Cult Love Has Won Led by 'Mother God' Amy Carlson

He also said he offered the group assistance to leave the island.

  • However, everyone involved in the show seemed to feel that Linda's last episode left a lot to be desired in the terms of killing off a character.

‘Love Has Won’ cult leader’s mummified body is found wrapped in Christmas lights & covered in glitter: Reports

The actress guested on the series during its first season, becoming a series regular in season 2 — but at the end of the seventh season, her contract was up.

  • Or, as it were, not on screen at all.