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Duct Testing and Sealing

Duct Testing and Sealing in Las Vegas, NV

Goettl Air Conditioning Las Vegas - Duct Testing and Sealing

Most homeowners in the Las Vegas, NV area use a forced-air distribution system to heat and cool their homes. If you’re one of them, then your ductwork is up to a very important task. What you might not know, however, is that your ductwork could be in poor condition. Because the ductwork is removed from sight, hidden behind walls and in ceilings and the attic, it’s easy not to think about it. But leaking ducts present a number of major problems.

Through no fault of your own, your air duct system may have become damaged by environmental factors, renovation, or construction projects. And damaged ductwork means inefficient heating and cooling. Therefore, you’d do well to consider investing in duct testing and duct sealing services. Contact Goettl Air Conditioning today to learn about these offerings.

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How Do You Know if Your Ducts Are Leaky?

Leaky ducts are not immediately obvious to the naked eye, particularly since your ductwork is hidden mostly out of sight in the attic or through crawlspaces. Knowing how to test ducts is of course not something we’d expect you to take on, either.

What you need is a professional HVAC technician to come in and test your ductwork to discover what shape they’re in. At that point if your air ducts are not properly sealed, our professionals can ensure this job gets done right so you no longer have to worry about inefficient ducts.

How Our Professionals Go About Testing Ducts

This service requires specialized tools, equipment, and expertise—all of which can only come from trained and experienced professionals, such as the members of our staff. We’re happy to share with our customers how we test ducts, but it’s important to remember that this not recommended as a do–it–yourself task!

When it comes time to test your ducts, we’ll seal off the system entirely. This includes closing off registers and vents, and then attaching a calibrated fan to the ductwork—used to pressurize the system. If a difference is discovered between the pressurization of the ducts and the actual pressure within the ducts, then we know you have leaky ducts.

Do You Really Need Professional Duct Sealing?

The short answer is yes, and there are signs you can watch out for that indicate it truly is time for such a service. As we mentioned above, your Las Vegas, NV home’s ductwork is mostly out of sight, so it can be hard to perform a visual inspection. Instead, you should watch for:

  • An Increase in Utility Bills: If your heating or cooling bills suddenly increase with no obvious cause, then you may have an issue with leaky ducts. Essentially, air is escaping before it’s able to reach its intended space, forcing your HVAC system to work harder to achieve and maintain your desired temperature.
  • Uneven Temperatures: If you notice hot or cold spots throughout your home or find that your indoor air quality is declining, it may very well be an issue with your air ducts. Be sure to call our professionals today for a better idea of what you’re up against.

One final note—duct tape is not adequately named for the job it is meant to perform. Repairing ductwork with store–bought duct tape is insufficient and will only lead to more problems later on. Our professionals use special, professional–grade mastic to get the job done right the first time.

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable technicians who went above and beyond in servicing my heating unit. They really care about the customer and it shows.

Anthony G

I was VERY pleased with the price I got. I loved the short time it took him to replace a hot server igniter. loved that I was able to have a quality service.

JoAnn S

The tech was courteous and explain what he was doing and fixed my heater.

Johnny M

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