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Is Whole-House Air Conditioning That Much Better?

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Because we live in such a hot climate and our cooling season accounts for such a substantial part of the year, it really is vital that you choose your home cooling system wisely. If you ask us, the choice between window unit air conditioners and whole-house cooling systems really is not much of a dilemma. Whole-house cooling beats those portable units in every imaginable way.

You do not need to just take our word for it, though. Today, we want to provide you with some examples of how whole-house air conditioning can benefit you. We think that our point will be pretty clear by the time you’re done reading. So keep the following information in mind, and remember to schedule your home AC services in Las Vegas with Goettl Air Conditioning Las Vegas. However you may choose to cool your home, we’ll help you to do so successfully.

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Monday, August 7th, 2017

heat-pump-outdoor-unitThere is no such thing as an air conditioning system that is going to suit every homeowner’s needs perfectly. That being said, a whole lot of homeowners in our area are starting to catch on to the heat pump. Heat pumps are very unique in their operation, and can offer homeowners everywhere a few benefits that more traditional air conditioners simply cannot match. Of course, even the best air conditioner is going to fail to function properly if not expertly installed and serviced.

Fortunately for you, our technicians are here to prevent that from happening. We work with the finest products on the market, we size our systems properly, and we always handle the installation in the right way. Review the following information, and you may just decide that a heat pump in Boulder City, NV is right for you. If so, let us know so that you can get the best that your new system has to offer.

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Tips and Tricks for Hot Weather

Monday, May 29th, 2017

red-thermometerThe summer season here in Arizona can be brutally hot. Chances are that you enjoy the heat if you have decided to make this area your home. Even those of us that love it the most, though, understand the need for a respite from the sun’s rays. Obviously you cannot just hole up in your house and crank the AC all summer long. You’ve got a life to live, and we’ve got some hot weather tips and tricks to help you get through the hottest time of the year unscathed.

Of course, once your day is over and done with, you do want to have a cool, comfortable home waiting for you. That is where our team of professional air conditioning technicians comes in. We have the systems and services that you need in order to cool your home effectively, efficiently, and reliably. Give us a call when you need any air conditioning services in Las Vegas, NV.

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