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Thermostats in Las Vegas, NV

Goettl Air Conditioning Las Vegas - Thermostats

There are many components that work together in order for your cooling and heating systems to function as they should. One component whose importance is often overlooked is the thermostat. This device serves as the “brain” of your HVAC units, enabling you to control the desired temperature within your home. When you need any type of service on your Las Vegas, NV thermostat, you can simply contact the expertly trained team here at Goettl Air Conditioning.

Our staff works with a variety of thermostat types and brands. Whether you need a faulty thermostat replaced or you are looking into your thermostat upgrade options, we can help. When you want the best and most complete service, you needn’t look any further than our staff. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with everything we do, so contact us today! G-O-E-T-T-L: It’ll keep you cool but it’s hard to spell.

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Which Thermostat Is Right for You?

For many years, the only thermostat available was the manual model, equipped with sliders and dials. These thermostats were and are not always reliable, nor are they accurate. Newer technology, fortunately, provides you with many more options in order to increase your comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

  • Digital Thermostat: The digital thermostat is the most common type of newer thermostat. The digital component alone makes them much more precise at temperature settings than the old manual models. Programmability enables you to have greater control over your indoor climate, and prevents your system from running when it doesn’t need to.
  • Wireless Thermostat: This thermostat takes the digital component one step further, plus it does not need to be hardwired into your walls. It allows you to control your home temperature remotely from an app, making the wireless thermostat a superior choice.
  • Smart Thermostat: This is perhaps the most advanced type of thermostat, and is considered the current edge in climate control technology. This thermostat learns from your history of temperature settings to develop its own programming that maximizes both comfort and energy savings. Similar to the wireless thermostat, this component can be controlled through an app, keeping you in touch with your comfort system no matter where you are.

The Wrong Thermostat Can Decrease Your Home Comfort

If you have an outdated thermostat, or even a newer one that has operating problems—such as a miscalibration that’s causing it to read temperatures off by a few degrees—then the device can significantly affect the energy efficiency of both your heating and cooling units—and not for the better.

When it’s not working properly, your thermostat can and will turn your climate control system on and off at the wrong times and waste a significant amount of energy as a result.

Don’t Let Your Thermostat Hinder Your HVAC Performance

A faulty thermostat can result in hot and cold spots around your Las Vegas, NV home, and your HVAC unit will wear down much faster than it would have otherwise. If your thermostat breaks to the point that it loses its connection to the heater or AC, then you can be stuck with a system that either won’t turn on when you need it, or won’t turn off.

If you find that your thermostat is impeding the performance of your HVAC unit, be sure to call our technicians right away so that we can discuss your thermostat upgrade options with you.

I was VERY pleased with the price I got. I loved the short time it took him to replace a hot server igniter. loved that I was able to have a quality service.

JoAnn S

They didn’t oversell but recommended the most cost effective and efficient units for our home. I recommend Goettl for any HVAC needs.

Gerry R.

The service tech was fantastic. Great Service.

Patricia P

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