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Heat Pumps in Las Vegas, NV

Goettl Air Conditioning Las Vegas - Heat Pumps

Goettl Air Conditioning professionally installs and services a number of different types of cooling and heating systems throughout Las Vegas, NV, each with their own benefits. One of the most versatile of these systems is the heat pump. This all-in-one comfort control system uses the same cycle of refrigerant that traditional central air conditioners use to cool your home, however can also reverse the flow of refrigerant to heat your home in the winter, as well.

If you’re looking for a year-round heating and cooling system, then this is the comfort control system to have installed. And when you call on our team, you can rest assured that we’ll cover all of your heat pump system services, from installation and repairs to comprehensive heat pump maintenance. Our professionals stay up to date on technological advances in the industry to make sure we can offer you the best in service. To learn more about heat pump systems and our related services, contact us today. G-O-E-T-L-L: It’ll keep you cool but it’s hard to spell.

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Professional Heat Pump Installation

One factor that is often overlooked with heat pump installations is the size of the system. In order to get the most from your heat pump, its heating and cooling capacity must meet the specific size and needs of your living space. This is essential to keeping you and your family comfortable all year round.

When you are in search of a company that will provide you with expert heat pump installation and can ensure that your home is completely comfortable, you needn’t look any further than Goettl Air Conditioning. Our staff works with homes and budges of all shapes and sizes.

Thorough Heat Pump Repairs

Over the years, a heat pump is exposed to a significant amount of wear and tear to its components, no matter how well you take care of your system. There’s no way to avoid this fact, although you can significantly improve your system’s lifespan by investing in twice–a–year maintenance.

Eventually, though, you will require heat pump repair services. Hire our professional technicians and you’ll be able to count on your Las Vegas, NV heat pump system being fixed properly so that it can continue to be a dependable heating and cooling system. Remember, it’s always best to hire an expertly trained technician rather than relying on a general handyman or an enthusiastic "do–it–yourselfer."

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance Regularly

As we mentioned above, routine maintenance is essential to preventing major repair issues that you may face with your heat pump. If you truly want your heat pump to remain in good working condition and last for as long as possible, then it’s imperative that you have it professionally maintained twice a year.

A traditional centralized air conditioning system or furnace may only need to be checked once a year, however because a heat pump is steadily used all year long, twice–a–year maintenance is a necessity. When you enroll in one of our service plans, you can rely on a number of benefits, including preferred pricing, and extensive parts and labor warranties.

I was VERY pleased with the price I got. I loved the short time it took him to replace a hot server igniter. loved that I was able to have a quality service.

JoAnn S

They didn’t oversell but recommended the most cost effective and efficient units for our home. I recommend Goettl for any HVAC needs.

Gerry R.

The tech was courteous and explain what he was doing and fixed my heater.

Johnny M

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