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Central Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioners in Las Vegas, NV

Today’s air conditioning systems have made remarkable strides in technology and efficiency, and therefore cost effectiveness. There’s no reason for you to suffer through the heat without an effective AC unit.

That’s where the central AC system comes in! These systems are accessible to just about any home built in Las Vegas today—given that they have the ventilation networks necessary to handle them. You can rely on Goettl Air Conditioning to professionally install, repair and maintain your central air unit. G-O-E-T-T-L: It’ll keep you cool but it’s hard to spell.

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We Provide Reliable Central AC Installations and Replacements

Most Las Vegas, NV residents are familiar with central AC systems. Also referred to as split air conditioners, these systems are comprised of an outdoor condenser unit housing a compressor, and an indoor unit connected to an air handler, which distributes cooled air through a networked ventilation system.

The highly rated and experienced HVAC technicians on our team will make sure that your new split air conditioning system is appropriately sized to match your home’s specific needs, and installed in a way that you can count on its performance for years to come. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what’s involved with central AC installation.

Central AC System Repairs Are No Problem

When you live somewhere as unforgivably hot as Las Vegas, NV it’s only natural that your central air unit will be put under a lot of stress. Eventually, you’ll face repair needs. With our team on your side, you have nothing to worry about. When we show up to conduct central AC repairs, you can count on a team who will do what’s right, not what’s easy. This means you can count on our repairs to last.

It won’t be possible to avoid all the potential repairs that you may face with your central air conditioning unit over the course of its lifecycle. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your risks of costly central AC emergencies.

For instance, scheduling a maintenance appointment with our team twice a year will allow us to fully inspect and clean your system, make recommendations for small repairs before they turn into larger problems and keep your system running longer

Contact Our Team for Quality Central AC Services

Routine maintenance extends your system’s lifespan and helps it continue working at peak efficiency. This service is only as effective as the team that provides it, however. You can trust in Goettl Air Conditioning to never settle for the status quo in service.

Our team installs, replaces, repairs, and maintains numerous brands of central air conditioners. We pride ourselves on our longstanding reputation as a trusted name in the HVAC industry. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and what we can do for you.

The Service Tech knows his stuff and took the time to explain how it all works. Outstanding service.

Don B.

My second time choosing Goettl, this time for my heater. Excellent customer service, consistent in stated arrival times.

Robert S.

Friendly and knowledgeable.

Wendi M

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